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Domain Names Disputes and Infringement in Cyberspace

Schiffrin & Longo counsels clients on a vast array of issues involving the Internet. These include the registration of domain names, posting of gripe sites, and use of another’s intellectual property on the web, through social media, and in virtual worlds. The firm represents both intellectual property owners and those accused of using another’s intellectual property unlawfully on the web. For intellectual property holders, the firm provides personalized domain name registration strategies so that they may obtain cost-effective protection for their rights against potential cyber squatters.

When conflicts arise in cyberspace, the firm utilizes all available avenues to successfully resolve the dispute. The firm has been successful in using take down provisions, cease and desist letters, arbitration under the Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy of ICANN, and federal district court litigation to quickly and effectively resolve conflicts that arise on the Internet.

Social Media and Infringement in Cyberspace

Intellectual Property infringement can happen quickly and easily on the Internet. It is important for businesses who intend to operate online to properly protect their trademarks and copyrights while respecting the trademarks and copyrights of others. Our attorneys regularly counsel businesses on their social media practices and Internet issues which can arise to help limit a client’s liability for potential trademark or copyright infringement as well as for protecting their own trademark and copyright rights on the Internet and through social media.

Our attorneys work with clients to develop and draft website terms and conditions of use, social media policies, and website privacy policies tailored for each client’s business needs. These are highly effective tools businesses and individuals can implement on their websites and social media accounts to protect their Intellectual Property and to limit any potential labiality to others.

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