Copyright Registration

Schiffrin & Longo assists clients with the protection of intellectual property rights in all types of original works of authorship. These services include preparing and filing copyright applications with the United States Copyright Office, counseling clients regarding protection in registered and unregistered works, enforcing valid copyrights against alleged infringements, and defending the fair use of copyrighted works.

Digital Millennium Copyright Act

Our attorneys assist clients by utilizing the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”). The DMCA was added to the Copyright Act to expand criminal liability for online copyright infringement as well as limit the liability of Internet Service Providers (“ISPs”) whose users engage in copyright infringement. The act contains specific “Safe Harbor Provisions” for those ISPs who take proper advantage of them. Clients who wish to engage in online business activity which allows user-generated content (“UGC”) should take advantage of these Safe Harbor Provisions which are designed to limit their direct and indirect liability. Our attorneys are well versed in helping businesses and individuals implement these provisions into their websites and social media presence.

Additionally, the DMCA provides copyright owners with a mechanism to remove infringing content online. Our attorneys work with copyright owners who believe their works are being infringed online to file Take Down Notices to remove the infringing content. These take down notices are often an effective tool to stop copyright infringement on the Internet and to help avoid costly copyright litigation in federal district court. Our attorneys have experience filing Take Down Notices on behalf of their clients and filing responses on behalf of clients whose online content was wrongfully removed.

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