The “Original Jean Company” Sued


The “Original Jean Company” Sued

Levi Strauss & Co., the inventors of the blue jean, was sued because of its pocket design by a retail chain in North Dakota. The North Dakota company, Vanity Shop of Grand Forks Inc., filed a complaint on May 2nd in federal court because the company wants the court to declare that they did not infringe upon Levi’s trademarked stitching design as Levi’s cease and desist letter to the company suggests.

While they went to court to request the non-infringement declaration, Vanity Shop also asked the court to order Levi’s from claiming that Vanity’s designs are confusingly similar to that of Levi’s. They also hope to receive awards for the litigation costs of this battle with the mega jeans company.

Since 2010, Levi Strauss has filed at least 10 federal court suits against other jean manufacturers. Like Vanity, they claim that the manufacturers infringed upon “Arcuate” stitch pattern that Levi Strauss has trademarked.

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