Trademark Lawyers Intellectual Property Attorneys


Trademark Lawyers Intellectual Property Attorneys

Intellectual Property Counseling, Prosecution, Litigation, Licensing and Enforcement

Intellectual Property creation, management and enforcement are important components to the success of any business. In many cases, a company’s brand and its product names are its most valuable assets. Due to the value of these assets, a company’s brand and product names require protection so that consumers strongly associate the products or services with the company that provides them.

We understand the importance of creating and maintaining a strong intellectual property portfolio and have made this area of law our primary area of practice. Many firms practice intellectual property law as a part of their general corporate practice and cannot provide the depth and breadth knowledge needed to address clients’ needs in this particular area of law.

Our Background

Our firm has the large firm and USPTO background needed to handle intellectual property matters at reasonable fees for all types of clients. We have managed intellectual property portfolios in all industries, from insurance and finance to automobiles, apparel and pharmaceuticals. Find us on Google under Trademark Lawyers and Intellectual Property Attorneys.

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