Gucci vs. Guess


After a three year legal battle, a verdict has been reached in the Gucci vs. Guess copyright case. Gucci has been awarded $4.7 million over a Guess logo and pattern that Gucci claimed were direct copies of their trademark. While the luxury brand may have won, Gucci for $221 million in damages. As well as the monetary settlement, Gucci was awarded a permanent injunction that bans Guess from using Gucci’s patented Quattro G pattern, the green and red stripe and other square G marks on their products.

Gucci claimed that Guess was creating knockoffs of their trademarked logo in their shoe. The judge disagreed with this assessment. The judge found that Guess’ product was likely to cause trademark dilution, which could explain why the sum awarded was much less than the $221 million that Gucci asked for. Even though Guess doesn’t have to pay the full amount of  damages, they say that they will continue to defend their rights to use their signature “G” in their clothing and accessory line.

While the case didn’t give Gucci a huge financial win, this case will have an effect on other areas of the fashion industry. This ruling will create stricter limitations on using patterns and stitching that are similar to other brands. Because of this, we can expect similar trademark infringement cases to surface.

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