The Great iPad Debate


The Great iPad Debate

Minor progress has been made in the bitter battle over the use of the iPad trademark between Apple Inc. and Proview Technology.  Apple Inc. seems to have adjusted their attitude toward the Shenzhen, China based company, as they are finally taking action in the suit. Conversations and negotiations have begun.

The issue comes from the fact that according to Chinese Trademark Law, Proview Technology still has the right to use the iPad trademark in China.  This company claims that its parent company in Taipei, China, Proview Internationals Holdings Limited, registered the trademark in many countries and regions in 2000. Apple bought the rights to use that trademark from the Taipei company in 2009, but the Shenzhen company claims to be a different entity from its Taipei counterpart, so it is not bound by the deal made with Apple.

Apple unveiled its newest generation iPad in the U.S. in March, but has not started selling it on mainland China yet. The trademark dispute may further postpone the sale of the tablet in China, which has caused Chinese Apple fans to purchase the new iPads in Hong Kong or abroad.

It would be beneficial for both sides to reach an agreement as soon as possible so that Apple can begin earning profits from the 16% revenue that China offers. Apple has begun taking action in their negotiations. It is highly probable that Proview will win this lawsuit, but it will take years to receive the compensation.

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