Here’s what our clients think about Schiffrin & Longo, P.C.:


“I’ve engaged Schiffrin and Longo to work on several files in recent years and have always been pleased with their work. The firm provides prompt, professional service at a reasonable cost.”

— Lisa C. James LLB LLM (Intellectual Property Law)
Lisa C James Professional Corporation


“Schiffrin & Longo has done an excellent job of both locking down trademarks and on occasion defending them. For years they’ve given us a straight answer on the advisability of even pursuing a mark (and they’re batting 1000 to date). They’re a great partner who we would highly recommend for any trademark assignment.”

— Myles Mjolsnes
Product Manager, Digital WAND Corporation


“With Jon’s help, we can be certain that we’ll always get quality work and we’ll never miss a deadline.”

— Brian R. Fons
President and Counsel, Corporate Creations Chicago, LLC


“Dear Trina: I’d like to thank you for your meticulous work as well as for your professionalism. It has been a pleasure to work with you.”

— Gokhan Tatari
Director, Zorba Marketing VA, Inc.


“Schiffrin & Longo have been outstanding legal partners for SecureConnect for several years. Their ability to help us navigate through the trademark and patent process has been outstanding. Furthermore, their ability to have quick turnarounds and actually care about us as a client is what sets them apart. I highly recommend S&L for any company seeking for a trusted partner to protect their trademark and intellectual property.”

— Dave Perrill
President, SecureConnect Inc.

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