The Black Keys Sue Over Copyright Infringement


The Black Keys Sue Over Copyright Infringement

Grammy award winning band, The Black Keys, filed copyright infringement lawsuits against Pizza Hut and Home Depot. The band is suing Home Depot and Pizza Hut for using elements of their song without their permission.  The band and their producer, Brian Burton are both filing claims again the two companies. The damages are unspecific, but the band will likely seek more than $75,000 apiece from the two companies.

The two companies haven’t seen the official complaints yet and say that all inquiries regarding the impending case to their advertising creators, The Martin Agency and The Interpublic Group of Companies.

Although neither company’s advertisements include any of the band’s vocals, the companies weren’t given permission to use any element from any Black Keys’ music. The band claims that both Pizza Hut and Home Depot were sent written notices regarding the misuse of their songs. In addition to seeking money from the company, the band has requested an order to prevent the companies from continuing to use their songs in the commercials.

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